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Sophie Willoughby (b.1985, England) is an artist who works with printmaking and photography.

Photography is her usual starting point, capturing subjects of intrigue from the outside world.  These images are used as inspiration and often developed using printmaking techniques.


She works with digital and analogue processes and gains satisfaction from the hands-on and tactile nature of printmaking.

Sophie gained a First Class degree in Fine Art and went on to study MA Printmaking, at University of the West of England, Bristol. She was awarded a year’s scholarship at Spike Print Studio, Bristol, was selected for a residency at the Dove Studios, Somerset and has exhibited her work in the UK and abroad.


Sophie lives and works in Somerset, UK.



Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my artwork.


If you would like to purchase any of my artwork please state the following bullet points in your message and I'll get back to you:

  • The project number/name

  • Title of the artwork

  • A brief description of the image

Prices include post and packaging.

Please note: Sophie's prints are predominately made by hand, resulting in minor differences in colour.

Thank you!

If you would like to follow Sophie on social media, click on one of the icons below.


Alternatively find her on:

Instagram @sophie.willo_projects for posts regarding inspiration and ongoing projects. 

Facebook page: Sophie Willoughby Print  

Pinterest: Soph Willoughby 

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